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At MakPro Services, we believe communication is important!  In fact, everything we do revolves around communicating with others, or working to help others communicate.   

That is exactly why, MakPro Services provides a variety of services, all with a central theme of "communicating".  Whether it's assisting groups in communicating to resolve issues and make decisions, or communicating to provide or receive information for construction, we've gotten pretty good at making it happen! 


Project Partnering - Our partnering sessions revolve around the project.  Why waste valuable project time finding out your leadership style, when you can discuss what brought you together in the first place - the project!  A novel idea, but it works - since project-based issues are being discussed, this approach usually reduces the length of the pre-construction meeting, and promotes the partnering process. 



Public Involvement - Public involvement differs from public outreach from the perspective that public involvement seeks to "involve" the community in decisions and discussions regarding a topic, such as a project in design, or a plan for the future.  Public outreach simply provides information to educate or inform the community.  Public involvement requires a project team that is dedicated to the notion that they will have to take the time to educate stakeholders to help them understand the different aspects of project development.  It also requires a stakeholder group that is dedicated to the process, available to make time to learn about the project and help resolve project issues.  This process may sound daunting, but it can yield big dividends when it comes to project construction and completion.   MakPro Services has taken the lead on many public involvement projects.  Our company is known for building a rapport with the community, and is very good at working between the project team and community to understand the issues and the project components, and assembling stakeholder groups dedicated to the process! 


Meeting Facilitation - Meeting facilitation isn't only about having someone else manage your meeting, it also allows everyone to fully participate.  Have you ever been in charge of a meeting and the whole time you were so concerned you needed to hear everyone's perspective, that you couldn't fully participate yourself?  Or have you ever attended a meeting and felt there was little preparation before the meeting and no resolution at the end of the meeting?  Those are both great reasons to have a facilitator.  A facilitator offers a neutral perspective in managing the meeting and allows all attendees to fully participate.  In addition, a facilitator will help in planning for your meeting, establishing an agenda and ensuring discussions are brought to resolution.  You can't ask for more than that!



Construction Information and Public Outreach - One of the most important aspects of any major project is communicating with the community - keeping them informed and aware of upcoming construction that may impact where they work and play.  MakPro Services uses a variety of methods to develop communication channels with key business and residential stakeholders, and potentially affected interests.  These are detailed below, and include neighborhood meetings, open houses, project newsletters and updates, project websites, and telephone hotlines for immediate information.   By informing and educating the community early on in the project, they will know what to expect during construction, and are usually more understanding, and even supportive, during project construction. 


Every community is different ¨C

It¡¯s important to understand and recognize how they give and receive information, and tailor the public outreach effort accordingly.


-  Project Websites provide current information on construction sequencing, schedule, and traffic restrictions.  Some sites have seen more than 7,000 visitors to the site.  Websites offer a great way to provide information and receive community inquiries or comments. 


-  Project Newsletters and Updates provide current information on a regular basis, or at critical milestones in the project to keep the affected community informed regarding the project.  This is a good start for the public outreach effort to set the community¡¯s expectation regarding future communications and how they can contact the project team.


-  Neighborhood Meetings and Events provide information to the community and opportunities to speak directly with project staff, engineers, and owners to voice questions, concerns, or comments regarding the project.


-  Telephone Project Hotlines offer a 24-hour voice response which can answer basic project questions or provides a quick callback for more extensive inquiries.



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