Whispering Sands Ranch

Details on the property:

Name: The name Whispering Sands is registered with the Secretary of State to Joe Hull, and will transfer to Buyer on request.

Water: The ranch currently uses water from a neighbor’s well, but the well pump, 5,000 gallon storage tank, pressure tank and pressure pump all belong to me. Understanding that your cooperation is important to the eventual development of the 290 acres which surround you, I believe that the owner will cooperate with your eventual transition to the well on your property.

New Well: A new well is drilled near the middle of the property near Ross Spring. While the well driller estimate (as filed with the State) is shown at 35 GPM, this is to comply with laws regarding uses in an Active Management Area. The real driller’s estimate is closer to 300 GPM, but the 5” casing will limit this. Should you wish to drill a bigger well very nearby, you can probably get whatever water flow you want, as in the well driller’s words, this is the best small well he’s ever drilled. Paul Manera, a geohydrologist (and close friend), assisted with locating this well at the intersection of at least 2 and possibly 3 fault lines. A 5” pump into the existing pipe should produce about 95 gallons per minute.

Water pipes: Most of the pipes are 2” tube sized black poly pipe with brass compression fittings (no glue) or 100-plus year old galvanized. From the well to the hose bib along the driveway to the front of the house is poly, but beyond that is mostly old galvanized. These need to be replaced.

Water storage: The new well is believed to be limited to the size of pump which it will hold in its 5” steel hole, which means about 100 gallons per minute. With a static water level of about 30’, the pump can easily pump water to up nearly 100 vertical feet to where an old concrete pool is located. I recommend a 10,000 gallon storage tank near the old pool, since this should give water pressure down to the house of about 32 PSI, sufficient for most purposes even if the power goes out. The pressure tank can be bypassed easily if this happens.

Surface Water: Ross Spring was registered on the property and claims continuous use since the 1890’s. This is still open to challenges and adjudication by the State, but so far so good. This registration will transfer with the property and could be very valuable in the future, more politically than as an actual water source.

Electricity: Now at the end of a 60 year old engineered and installed line by APS, the 3 phase power to the property is ungrounded. Expensive devices have been installed on all items using compressors which protect these things from damage in case of brownout (low voltage), much more difficult to deal with than a blackout. APS will soon have a loop system of power from the Lake through the Park, making the possibility of future problems much more remote. APS in Wickenburg has been great to work with.

Propane: The propane tank is owned by me and has a newer regulator, but the copper line to the house has a leak. I recommend new gas piping from the tank to the house if you want to use propane. For a $35. Annual membership in the Maricopa County Farm Bureau, you can enjoy a price on propane about $1. per gallon below ‘street’ rate. Amerigas has delivered for free.

Telephone: Sort of as a joke, Zona Communications, the phone and hi speed internet provider, allowed for 75 lines to come into the house. Three lines are currently in use. I personally worked hard to get Zona into this area in the mid 1990’s and they are a joy to work with. With underground fibreoptic lines under Castle Hot Springs Road and copper underground to the house, we have some of the most modern telecommunications in the west. It should be noted that although the area code is 928, it is a local call into the Phoenix metro area.

Long distance telephone: A special telephone works anywhere on the property on the regular phone lines. Simply a long range portable phone, it goes with the Ranch. Most cell phones do not work well at the Ranch.

Internet: Zona also provides excellent high speed internet at very competitive rates.

Insurance: Possibly tough to insure because of location, but currently insured through Farm Bureau in Wickenburg at very competitive rates. No claims have ever been filed against the owner nor the property, so the CLUE report should be excellent.

Property surrounding this property: Lots of nuances here, and best to discuss in person.

Caretaker: Mariano, his wife Ramona, and a three year old child live in the casitas in the south area of the property. Mariano works Thursday and Friday on the property doing whatever is necessary, and has excellent welding and cement skills. He has a gas powered electric welder with cutting torches. Ramona cleans the main house once a week for a period of about 6 hours. Mariano helps with the heavy cleaning, but still gives us a full 16 hours per week. They are fully trustworthy, and when Charlotte and I travel, they take care of our home, the property, and our animals flawlessly. They are paid $650. gross per month, with normal withholding and currently net about $585. per month. They are paid once a month. Mariano speaks little English but tries hard. Ramona speaks no English. Mariano welds decorative rusted steel lawn ornaments (mountain scenes, coyotes, etc.) to supplement their income. In addition to their pay, they live for free in the casitas, and are provided utilities, telephone, and satellite TV (as an adjunct to our main system).

Fixtures/non fixtures: Buyer and Seller need to agree what will stay on the property and what will go, as well as what is wanted by neither. This can be done by separate agreement rather than as part of a real estate contract. Included in this are things like the diesel generator, Jacuzzi, etc.