GENERAL: All rooms (except for the 4 bathrooms) have outside access. There are no hallways. Although central heat was part of the original design, current heating is provided via area heater or one of three wood burning stoves or fireplaces. Cooling, assisted by altitude 1000’ higher than Phoenix and massive thick walls, is (except for bedrooms) provided by two large roof mounted thermostat controlled Mastercool evaporative coolers, ducted to the house. The floor plans of the main rooms are very open and allow a free flow throughout.

CONSTRUCTION: In the tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright who is thought to have designed the main house, most walls are of poured concrete and stone faced construction, with most of the walls trapezoidal in nature and about 5’ wide at the base, tapering to about 2’ wide at the top. These walls are purposely left unfinished inside and out to expose the rugged and substantial beauty of the rock facing in the concrete. Ceilings are varied in height, generally exceeding 10’. Ceilings are supported by massive solid wood beams measuring 6”x12”. Most walls (including interior walls) not of poured concrete construction are of 8” wide cement block, most of which seem to be filled with mortar. The exterior of these block walls is finished with smooth painted concrete stucco. Where furred out with 2x4’s and covered with trowel finished drywall, the finished width exceeds 12”. A cement slab forms the floor.


• KITCHEN: With tile countertops, the 18’x22’ L shaped island kitchen includes a 6’x6’ pantry with lots of shelf space. Abundant counter top and cabinet storage is available.

• OFFICE: A 13’x18’ office sits north of the kitchen
• DINING ROOM: A 10’x22’ dining room is adjacent to the kitchen’s breakfast

bar, which doubles as a serving area for those big buffet dinners.
• ENTRY AREA: A decorative steel entry door with sidelights opens into the

18’x2’ entry area
• LIVINGROOM:Nexttotheentryareaisthe21’x32’livingroom,completewith

a huge fireplace. The fire box, lined with fire brick, is about 31⁄2’ high by nearly 7’ wide, and is designed to keep the rooms cozy by banking a fire along the back wall. The outside measure of the fireplace is 10’, with the large mantel

nearly 6’ above the floor. More commonly used for heating is a steel wood

stove between the kitchen and living room.
• FAMILY ROOM: The 21’x32’ family room has a similarly huge fireplace which

shares the same chimney with the other fireplace. Lots of space for indoor toys, like a pool table and ping pong table as well as exercise equipment. The family room and an adjacent storage area (larger than a typical 2 car garage) are two steps (about12”) below the rest of the rooms.

• GUEST #1: Walking through the 1⁄2 bath powder room and a 3⁄4 bath accesses an 18’x21’ bedroom, which includes a 3’x10 closet. With its own electric heat pump, the guests here can easily control their climate. This bedroom has the ability to restrict access to the 3⁄4 bathroom, giving privacy yet allowing access to the main rooms.

• MASTER BEDROOM: Exiting the main area of the house and across covered (12’x31’) and open (14’x45’) patios, the master bedroom is reached by entering another covered 61⁄2’x57’ covered patio. In a cut out corner along the way, a standard Jacuzzi tub fits nicely and is included gratis with the property. The master bedroom measures 19’x19’, not including a walk-in closet. The full master bath includes dual sinks, a dressing counter, and a separate shower and garden style jetted tub, all either tile or cultured marble.

• GUEST #2: Next to the master bedroom is another guest bedroom measuring 17’x19’, including a 5’x7’ walk-in closet, and shares the 61⁄2’x57’ covered patio. Both of these bedrooms have dedicated wiring for through-wall air conditioning units, and are separated by a block wall.

All figures and measures are approximate and are intended to provide a general overview of the main house. It is strongly recommended that if exact measures and details are important to the Buyer, the Buyer should get this information themselves as part of the investigation period.